4 Very Good


must watch for those must watch for those who looking beyond entertainment.the plot set in the holy city of banaras gives you an idea how some students in the states like up and bihar are supressed under the corrupted organisation. the movie according to the makers- is based on a real life story upon a student in BHU university in varanasi. a must watch for those hunting beyond entertainment for truth.

The movie is set in Banaras in today’s time of politics and corruption. Shravan is a simple but righteous son of a peon who joins Banaras University for his post graduation on his father’s insistence. He is romantically inclined toward the Principal’s daughter. A University topper and a man of principles, Shravan notices that a lot of corruption is happening in the University. He actively involves himself in the fight against corruption. This fight doesn’t go unnoticed by the local MLA Dharmraj Chaudhary, who finds ways to push Shravan to the edge and destroys everything in his life. After Shravan’s life is saved by an honest cop, he makes a pledge to fight back. In the most smartly directed action sequences, Shravan transitions into Pandit, a goon who only fights with Chaudhary and his brothers Balraj and Yograj to take revenge. In the strange twist and turn of event, Pandit becomes successful in taking his revenge and ends his phase as Pandit on the note of redemption