4.5 Excellent

I saw Chak De India movie on 16th day of August. Well it's a very nice movie. Recommended one. SRK is once again proves that he is the king. He plays his role with such simplicity and perfection that you won't believe. Not only SRK every single girl/player in this film played their role with such perfection that you never ever think that you are seeing a film. Especially in the 2nd half is very fast and you feel that you yourself is playing in the ground. But yes without SRK this movie is nothing. But this doesn't mean that Director was not good. Ab Tak Chapan person proves that he is a director who can make any kind of movie on any topic. I would say that among this Love story movies world this film is a thandi hawa ka jhonka I mean is a totally different film on a diverse topic. Lets see it on the sake of SRK and for a 'change.' Yes it's a big parde ki movie.