5 Excellent

Amazing... just one word to describe ChakDe India. Movie has message and emotions and comedy. To surprise you all I am a Pakistani. But still I love this movie because it has the spirit the spirit to come back and win.

There is nothing amazing than to watch Shahrukh Khan perform on the screen and in this movie you will never think of him as anyone else but a hockey coach who is determined to win for the pride and glory of the nation. He performs flawlessly. He shows anger he shows love he shows seriousness and happiness flawlessly and a complete natural.

Girls do well. Preeti Sabarwal (Sagarika) looks stunning. Vidya looks nice but in some scenes she looks completely worn out but thats ok. Bindya Naik plays her bad girl part really well. Punjabi kuri looks great and Komal that girl is just cool. Music could have been better but when sync into movie scenes you dont feel anything bad do you. Yeah the music as per the script is perfect no complains about that. Still if you wanna listen then copy this song Maula Mere in your mp3 player and listen to it on your way back home from a journey or on a long drive u will love it.

So to sum up ChakDe! is a great movie with no flaws at all. ChakDe Shmit Amin ;)

Guess What SRK is back .. Prince like face :)