1.5 Average

Just came back from the movie and it left me disappointed ..Cash is just another case of body beautiful minus soul ..Breath taking action ,The most stylish film ever made mounted on a lavish scale but its a Mount Everest of foolishness ..There is Not any connections between two scenes plus the narrative is highly confusing ..How the diamonds reach the SA is explained in a very complicated way .

Nothing to write about performances either ..Ajay looks tired .The ever dependable Riteish is just okay ..Zayed is somewhat decent ..Shamita looks sexy as hell and delivers a competant performance ..Esha Deol is good too ..

On the plus side the comic track is hilarious in parts..Sample-
-The conversation between Ajay Shamita in the moblie and the later he falls from a height ..That scene had me in splits
-Ajay threating the hotel manager ..
-When they exchange the real photo in the Hospital..

overall the film should do well with the masses..The film got a bumper opening in my theatre and the crowd seems to be loving every bit of it just like Partner another film which i did not like much .,