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Bumboo Music Review



Nil. That's the expectation one has from the music of Bumboo which has arrived out of nowhere. With music by Santokh Singh Dhaliwal and lyrics by Shadab Akthar, one waits to see if the final outcome would go anywhere.


Mika Singh is the man roped in for the job as he gets into the naughty and care-n-less zone with 'Life Saali Life '. High on arrangements and loud as per its setting, this one has a Western treatment to it though at the core of it all, it aims at being street smart. With nothing much to really cheer about and even a dependable singer like Mika not quite managing to create much impact, this one also arrives in a 'remix version' but doesn't do much except for perhaps adding some value as a part of the film's background score.

A quintessential item number comes in the form of 'Pinky Punjabi ' and the singer roped in to do the job is, who else but, Sunidhi Chauhan. Playing to the gallery, this one has lyrics that challenge the likes of Munni and Sheila. A come today forgotten tomorrow number that doesn't quite break any new grounds and appears as one of those dozen odd imitations that have been created during the year gone by; 'Pinky Punjabi' has Javed Ali and Santokh Singh Dhaliwal coming along with Sunishi behind the mike. Expectedly there is a 'reprise version' too and does manage to make you sit through it.

Next to arrive is a song which is dedicated entirely on the film's title i.e. 'Bumboo'. Going by the name of 'Lag Gaya Bumboo', it is sung by Munnan Ali Khan who sounds quite close to Kailash Kher and is seemingly quite excited about getting this opportunity. However one can't expect a listener to be as excited since this song by guest lyricist Nadeem Asad and composer Syed Faiz Ali 'Faizi' is strictly situational and isn't the kind you would want to play on in a loop.





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