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Independent film-making in India has shown an escalation over the past decade. Armed with awe-inspiring enthusiasm and innovative concepts, most debutants have dared to narrate stories that defy the stereotypical films synonymous with Bollywood. Debutant director Jagdish Rajpurohit's BUMBOO is the new indie film on the block.

Based upon the French-Italian black comedy L'EMMERDEUR aka A PAIN IN THE... [1973], which was remade in the United States as BUDDY BUDDY [1981] and remade in France as L'EMMERDEUR [2008], BUMBOO boasts of an interesting concept. Unfortunately, the writing is painfully taxing, while the execution is plain amateurish, especially the closing stages of the movie. What also makes the movie-going experience cumbersome is the fact that the scenes are stretched for no reason and the laughs are scarce and forced.

BUMBOO revolves around a contract killer [Sharat Saxena] and a photo journalist [Kavin Dave], who has suicidal tendencies, since his wife has left him. Both check into the same hotel for diverse reasons -- the hit man wants to eliminate his prey [Sudhir Pandey], the photographer, on an assignment, now wants to commit suicide. An unlikely bond develops between the two...

A man saves the life of a stranger and lives to regret it... Ideally, the black comedy had the potential to have you rolling in the aisles. But the Hindi adaptation is sketchy and theatrical at most times. The film has multiple tracks running concurrently, but barring a few moments/sequences, the writing lacks the punch that one generally associates with hahathons. In fact, a number of sequences are stretched beyond a point, while the penultimate moments are an absolute letdown. Oh yes, a few scenes do promise genuine belly laughs, but that's about it!

The acting is over the top, with everyone screaming their lungs out. Kavin Dave looks funny, but lacks the comic timing to carry this crazy character with flourish. Sharat Saxena tries hard to make you laugh with a straight face. He succeeds at times! Sanjay Mishra is wonderful, though making him the sutradhar seems odd, since he's merely a participant in the story. Sudhir Pandey is hilarious at times, though the jokes on flatulence are in poor taste. Sumit Kaul, as the doctor, does a fine job, while Mandy Takhar needs to polish her acting skills. Jagdish Rajpurohit is strictly okay.

On the whole, BUMBOO tries too hard to be funny and that's why it misfires. Besides, a weak script, abrupt conclusion and bizarre characters only go against it!

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