4.5 Excellent


Hi friends,Bodyguard rocked in Malaysia,opened full house.it is first hindi movie which lead the box office in malaysia.Despite being crazy fans of english movies Malaysian rushed for Bodyguard.There was no advertisement,no prom for Bodyguard,yet it pulled the crowd.
I will not tell you the never told story in hindi cinema.But would like to inform you that This film will shut up Salman khan's critics those blame him for poor story.What KKHH,VeerZara and Gajini narrated in 3 hours,Bodyguard did it within 1 hour.1st hour comedy and action and the 2nd hour brings tears in our eyes.Very Good and pious love story.Actions are Dabangg+. Kareena Kapoor rocking as well as salman.Helen's role as a friend made me cry in last moment.
I hv no enough words to describe my opinion,just final word...AGAR Bodyguard dekhne k baad bhi kisi aur ko king kaha to ham tum men itne ched karenge ki confuse ho jaega ' saans kahan se len aur.........kahan se. My prediction for its collection is 90-100 crore within 5 days.if do not believe watch it tomorrow.