3.5 Very Good


An Overall "Feel Good Film" is what Bodyguard can be described.
Frankly speaking,I was praising the film like anything and post the movie that feeling has just dipped a tinch.
No doubt it is one of the most entertaining movies of 2011.
Salman Khan does it all once again.What star power man.Nobody in Bollywood possesses such screen presence as Salman.
The factor which work in the favour of the film are Salman's current phase at Box Office.Karenaa's gorgeous looks,Wonderful entertainment by Rajat Rawail and some melodious music by Himesh.
The Story is plain simple and any cinegoer in the world can expect the Twist inserted at the last.
Seeing the Euphoria,the movie will go down as one of the most successful movies of this year.
Definitely Worth a Watch.
Overall Thumbs Up!!!!!!