4 Very Good

Bhagam Bhag

This is the most entertaining movie of 2006.. We saw biggies like KANK,JAAN-e-MANN,DON, DHOOM-2 and many big banner movies,but this is a class apart.. If PHIR HERA PHERI was enough to induce laughs fully through whacky dialogues and good performances,BB has twists after twists which not only keep you glued to the big screen but also makes you think in diffrent directions..

The interesting part though is the murder mystery which makes the movie thoroughly enjoyable .. People will like the movie ecause the movie is a mixed bag of comedy and some stupendous performances.. This movie has to be a hit if INDIAN audiences are sensible in their choice..

This movie should be a blockbuster because movies like KANK and the ones i mentioned earlier were declared hits despite bad screenplay and soryline..