2.5 Good

Bhagam Bhag

Asleep in their shanty room in Bombay, Kishore and Bhagwan, are awoken by three males who insist on searching their room at gun-point for a coat - albeit in vain. When Bhagwan finds the coat, there appears nothing valuable in it, but they decide to keep it. Their privacy is interrupted again - this time by two females, Smriti (Smriti Biswas) and Shashi (Shashikala), who distract them and take the coat. The duo follow the two women, who turn out to be nieces of Jwala Prasad (Badri Prasad), the owner of the coat. Goons manage to take the coat, but with Kishore and Bhagwan's help, the women are able to take it back to their uncle. A grateful Jwala Prasad lets the duo stay with them. The next morning the duo will wake up to nothing but surprises - as they will find Jwala Prasad and his nieces are gone. They decide to investigate further but their resolve will set off a chain of events that will take the two friends - first to Madras, then to Howrah, and then to Pakistan - where they will be held in a dungeon and goons will prepare nooses to hang them - without the hapless duo even knowing what is in the coat and why so many people want to obtain it.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)