1.5 Average


Boooooooooooooring! don't watch it unless ur a really big fan of one of the leading actors!
I think the story of having ur lover die and then another lover is trying to make u feel better is a very old & predictable storyline! (What were they thinking?)
Plus the Art theme & songs weren't supporting @ all! Bad songs, old costume design and very long and unnecessary dialogs!
The second half of the film is 100% guaranteed to make u cry! but when it becomes too long & too much you just want to turn around and look away from the screen! and u'll think (What a bad movie this is!)
In my opinion the film needed a role switch between John Abraham and Salman Khan; it is John Abraham who should be the dead husband not Salman. Why? because he was incredibly boring! If Salman Khan took the role of the loyal best friend... the movie would have been a Hit! + the film really really needed A.R. Rahman! (What Bad songs!)
I want to say to the director and story writer: guys Bad luck! but if u have week stories again, bring them to me and I definitely guarantee that I can make it a Hit.