1.5 Average


B.R. Chopra's follow up to Baghban is an absolute disaster. Amitabh Bachan and Rani are the main characters in the film and as usual Amitabh Bachan's performance is phenomenal. Rani, however, did nothing in the movie but cry and weep for her dead husband Adi played by Salman. Salman, by far was the only person who acted happy as far as the comedy was concerned, which was cheap and failed to make anyone sitting in the cinema hall laugh. The music of the film is an absolute disaster as their were no good lyrics and the dance number "Come on Come On," fails to make you "Jhoom" to its beat as the rapping and hip-hop parts are incredibly cheap. Hema Malini, Om Puri and John Abraham barely contributed to the film, leaving the forgotton. The scene in London was only about 5-10 minutes which made the whole location seem unimportant and irrelevant to the script and the movie. I guess Mr.Chopra used the location to show that it was a big budget movie. In the promos it said that the movie showed a some what "Titanic Clash between tradition and Rights" I must say there was no titanic clash as it only took five minutes for Mr.Bachan to persuade the shouting and demanding Puri to allow his daughter-in-law to be remarried. Do you call an old, crusty yelling Blighter's objection to a widowed woman being married a supposed Titanic Clash between Tradition and Rights. Advice to audiences all over, to go see a movie about a Titanic Clash between Tradition and Rights then go the Oscar nominated Water, do not waste your money on a film like Baabul. On the whole the movie solely belonged to Amitabh, which does not matter as the whole movie was an absolute dissapointment. B.R. Chopra needs to find a much more gripping subject which he himself will be able to handle in his next film.