2.5 Good


Acharya - plays the devil in his latest film Angel .......

I went today to see this film and it may come as a surprise to many - i actually liked it. In a nutshell it’s a story about a boy Anuj (Nilesh Shah) who falls in love with a handicapped girl sonal (sharma) who happens to be the daughter of a man he unintentionally killed in a bike accident 2yrs ago. After being released from prison he goes to apologies to the deceased’s family where he realizes that his daughter is physically challenged, she’s obviously disgusted by him and very upset on seeing him so he gets the hell out of there. He soon then realizes that he has no friends anymore since he’s an ex con and no one wants to be associated with him, his family (bhaiya, bhabhi and maaaa) too can barely stand him. Poor friendless Anuj finally goes back to Sonal and Sonal who’s friendless, lonely herself due to her handicap and living with her maid and is also petrified by the shadow of a tree that falls on a already scary painting finds a new friend in Anuj, friendship turns to love and he starts to help he get better and also promises to be there for her whenever she’s scared (by the shadow) finally one day that make love and are caught in the act by sonal’s brother and bhabhi. Anuj is arrested and beaten up badly and Sonal cannot defend him due to him handicap. While in jail his phone rings in the constable’s pocket and he remembers his promises – he magically breaks out of jail takes a long run/obstacle course towards her house beats up some cops get hit by a car but finally makes it to her house and cuts down the tree once and for all. He’s recaptured and taken back to jail and is now looking at a 6yr sentence for rape unless sonal can testify that he’s innocent – so like all hindi films heading towards a happy ending sonal works hard gets better and testifies. In the final shot Anuj is seen getting out of prison and sonal out of a rickshaw and standing for the first time ….