4 Very Good

Agent Vinod

Agent Vinod is a delayed yet highly awaited project from the producer of Love Aaj Kal (Illuminati films - Saif Ali Khan) and from Director Sriram Raghvan. Pritam handles the music. The expectations are obviously huge.

The album begins with the highly talked about Boney M classic Rasputtin, called "I will do the talking tonight", that Pritam has bought the rights of. Pritam has time and again proven his ability as a composer so why he opted to re-do such a popular song is beyond my understanding. The song is catchy, sure. But Pritam has over used western beats which, in my opinion would have sounded better with punjabi beats. I am no music expert, but from the little music I know, a nice punjabi feel would have made this song far more exciting. Nevertheless, some good singing by Pritam's favorite Neeraj Shridhar and with Barbie Amod, Shefali Alvares and Aditi is a winner and should be popular. Too many remixes of this song doesn't help much. It's a good song, but could have been so much better!

Pritam has always created good love ballads and Raabta is no exception. Of the 3 versions, Arjit's solo is the best. A well composed, writte, sung and arranged song. Extremely tuneful and soulful, this is my favorite song from the album. The other 2 versions with Arjit and Hamshika Iyer and Shreya Ghoshal's versions are not bad, but I like the first version.

Kareena returns with a fantastic mujra number. It may not be the next Sheila, Munni or the next Chikni Chameli, but it is better than Pritam's own Razia. Nadini brings in the winning factor to this number. She sounds a lot like Alisha Chinai though. If well promoted, this song could turn out to be a huge winner. The only challenge would be competing with Mallika Arora Khan's new item number, Anarkali Chali Disco from Housefull 2, which releases around the same time and is a mujra as well.

An interesting song is Pungi sung by another Pritam favorite, Mika Singh. This is a sure-shot chartbuster, if well promoted. But this Pritam composition bears a lot of resemblance to the Viju Shah composition, Tama tama Le from the 90's musical hit Aar Ya Paar . The resemblance could be a co-incidence, or both songs could have been inspired from some other track. Either ways, Pungi is a great song and another chart buster.

4 tracks make up the soundtrack of Agent Vinod. Clearly not a musical, but a thriller, Agent Vinod still has the possibility of 4 chart busters. Hope I am not wrong! Pritam does a good job again. It is now up to the producers to promote this album well.