3 Good

Action Replayy

This film tries a lot to give the 70’s feel in the film but the treatment is still in modern mode. The director uses much of time to go back in time and even after going he doesn’t start the chemistry because he injects many songs in between. Pritam have given very good music score but there are many songs followed and some are not so well timed as the medley song in second hour. The story is simple but it is made with as possible complications. In-spite of such flaws, “Action Replayy” works on the audience because it has its heart on right spot. The “Awaaz Nicheee” dialogues are simply rocking and it evokes you to shout the dialogue. The performance from both the leads compliments their character. Aditya is brilliant and he has more scope in this film. All the others are passable in their roles with Om Puri doing best job. Still there is lack of essential substance and it is the chemistry which doesn’t fly high. Vipul gives much comedy and gives little of the love story. The comedy is good and you actually feel that yes comedy is part of the genre it has. The background score is very good because it brings us in the area where 70’s feel looks still shining. The story doesn’t progress a lot because there is story in first 20 minutes and it concludes in last 5 minutes. The middle zone is kept for the bonding between Akshay and Aishwarya done by Aditya. The first hour has its moments to lighten up the mood and in also second half it’s got many chances to grow sweetly on you. In modest time running of 2.10 hours, this film guarantees a good fun and it does it. If there would have been little more of the love story, “Action Replayy” could have been really turned into a bravura film. As for now, it is good to keep your brains at home, but never dare to forget your heart without which it’s unwatchable.
Review: 3/5