2.5 Good

Action Replayy

aditya roy kapoor has a loving girlfriend but doesnt want to commit to matrimony..reason his parents troubled marriage which is at rocks and the couple are always at each others throats..when things take an ugly turn on their anniversary..the young chap adi takes a decision to use the time machine made by his girlfriend's grandpa to travel to the past to reset their past encounters and make them fall in love al over again. he encounters his bickering grandparents--ompuri and kiron kher who play akshay's dad and aishwarya's mom respectively..and is in store for furthur absurdities like trying to match make between his nerdy, geeky innocent buck toothed dad in a bad bad hair isshtyle and a fiesty, arrogant tomboyish mom. how he succeeds forms the rest of the plot which has plenty of 70s kitsch..including the animated action sequences, banal punchlines, bell bottoms and polka dotted shirts and elvis priesley inspired stage dances. a good plot..but not all good ideas make for a good film.