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Action Jackson

This could have been an entertainingly retro comic-book revenge saga, especially because it has a dashing bad girl who has more screen time, and much more neon-lit presence, than everyone else in the flick . But Prabhu Dheva doesn't have the skill-sets to instill the that knowing edge into his material; he shows no awareness, in fact, that it is risible.

From the first scene to the last, Action Jackson is cringe-inducing film that revels in scraping the bottom of the barrel.Action Jackson, a surefire Golden Kela contender, could give Humshakals a run for its money. Give it a miss.

It is an uneven, tacky, cheesy actioner, a film that has much going catastrophically wrong but it is also -- surprise, surprise -- at times incredibly zany . Action Jackson is a drinking game of a film, one well over the so-bad-it's-good line, its main merit being that in a sea of superstar-massaging vehicles, it holds some genuine surprises -- and makes sure its hero looks like a jackass. Skip the first half and smuggle in a quart of something bitter, and you'll be just fine.

Action Jackson has every ingredient his films have -- mindless story, gravity-defying action, clichéd dialogues and funny-looking villains. To put it briefly, watch Action Jackson if you are a Prabhudheva or Ajay Devgan fan, because otherwise there isn't a single dialogue you haven't heard and this is one of the films where they say 'Do not take your brains to the theaters'.

ACTION JACKSON being a Bollywood film, the look and feel of the film is that of loud South Indian films. While the film drags in the first half endlessly, the second half too barely has anything in it to hold the audience's attention. The film has no script whatsoever and has been put together haphazardly on the editing table glued together which nonsensical graphics and animation. On the whole, ACTION JACKSON is a highly avoidable affair.

Several heads are decapitated and torsos slashed in action drama Action Jackson, but it's the viewers who feel the pain. There's no easier way to say this: but Ajay Devgan's latest film is traumatic and is an endurance test of the worst kind.There's no redeeming feature in Action Jackson, a film that's purely self-indulgent. Skip it.

So if your idea of good action is shoving a sharp knife into someone's mouth, down his throat cutting his intestines. If your idea of good humour is a Sonakshi Sinha desperate to see a naked Ajay Devgan. And your idea of good music is songs like Keeda, Chichora Piya and Surya ast Punjabi mast, then, one, I am FURIOUSLY judging you. Two, I AM STILL JUDGING YOU!!