4.5 Excellent

Found this review on mouthshut, it quite sums up the movie

So you are bored of mushy mushy love stories? The sweet nothings, and typical boy meets girl and falls in love?
How about an edge of the seat thriller that doesn’t let you bat an eye lid?

Acid Factory is not your average trying to be from Yash Raj banner film, where hero is all too good to be true and heroines are doing their best to hold their flying sarees or dresses. This is bollywood come of age in an action genre.

Shot entirely (or mostly) in South Africa, the movie begins with Fardeen, Dino, Manoj Bajpai, Aftab and Danny locked in a prohibited factory area, all with a memory loss (thanks to the Gas leak), all trying to find their past, while the gang leader Kaizer is on his way.

What ensues is absolutely brilliant. Sharing any bit of story will be a complete injustice to the film, as it is impossible to start defining the various threads and complications of the character, but what can be described is how beautifully these complications, distrust and search is brought alive on the screen.

Performances are brilliant. Everyone in Kaizer’s (played by Irfaan Khan) gang deserve pat on the back for delivering one of the better performances given in any action movie. And Irfaan Khan deserves more than a pat, he deserves an award, which I am sure he’d get.

Suparn Verma has definitely taken a leaf or two out of Gupta’s book, well, let’s say movies. The pace of the movie never slacks, never would you reach I-know-what’s-gonna-happen-next point.

You’d hold your piss, you’d forget sipping at your Pepsi with multiple ice cubes, or slurping extra cheesy pop corns, you wouldn’t notice the couple two seats down kissing every five minutes, in fact you’d care to put your phone on silent and watch this film.

You would WATCH this film, like you haven’t watched any recent film.