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ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2

ABCD 2 is a dance sequel to the 2013's ABCD of the same genre. It stars Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhudeva in pivotal roles.

The story revolves around a group of dancers who join hands with a dance instructor in order to compete in a world hip-hop dance competition in Vegas and to regain their honour.

ABCD 2 delivers on what it promises to give; dance. But that's all that's there to this film. While the first film gave a different spin to the dance genre with a proper storyline and some heart, the sequel pales in comparison. It doesn't know what it's trying to be, except that there must be dance. And this is where the film falters. Instead of trying to be a normal film with a SLIGHTLY higher number of dance sequences, it succumbs to an over-stretched 2h20m compilation of dance sequences.

Since the film has a completely different plot from the first one, it immediately starts in the heat of the plot with literally no time to get to know the characters; not that there is much to know since hardly any detail is given to each of them. Hence, most of the film's flaws are due to its script and poor writing. For example, Prabhudeva's character, Vishnu, who had so much depth in the predecessor, is simply confusing in this one. It seems that neither him nor the viewers know what he's up to.

And that's just the icing on the cake. The story doesn't know whether its trying to be a Disney G-rated film, or a serious drama. Its either trying to be childish, or sometimes overdoing it with serious preptalks and all throughout annoying you with several (sometimes unnecessary dance sequences.)

The acting is quite "half-baked". If acting was dancing, every respective actor or dancer, passes with more than flying colors; including Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. Dhawan, who proved to have major acting chops in his previous flick, Badlapur, tries to add a charm to a poorly-written Suresh, whose the hero in this film. While his efforts are noticed, there's still not much screenplay due to a new dance sequence sprouting after every five minutes. Shraddha Kapoor is wasted in this film as she hardly has any moments to shine except for her solo song, Sun Saathiya. Lauren Gottlieb, being a great addition to the group, only shows up in the last 45 minutes of the film.

In conclusion, ABCD 2 completely messes up the great reputation its predecessor set up for the name 'ABCD.' It tries to follow the example of Hollywood's dance series 'Step Up' by taking a great dance film and following it with unnecessary and mindless sequels. ABCD 2 did have great potential, but its wasted by being extremely loud and annoying with a dance at every nook and corner. The film does practice what it preaches; everyone dances to express rather than to impress, and Any Body Can Dance... except it would have made more sense to take its predecessor's example and add a sensible story to it rather than simply showing us viewers that anybody can dance.