4.5 Excellent

Aaja Nachle

Aaja Nachle

I do not know sometimes what do the critic’s term as a well written movie. I feel the movie like Aaja Nachle can be termed as a well written movie. And as far as logic is concerned when people can take OSO, they can also more easily digest Aaja Nachle. Appreciation is what an artist looks for and I feel no other movie could have been the right come back for gracious Madhuri than Aaja Nachle. Why?

• Because movie has soul, faith that you have in the concept of Right and wrong, Good and bad. Don’t know about others, but I found the movie both entertaining and interesting. This movie brought back the memories of another dance oriented movie- Nache Mayuri.
• It has values long lost in movies-Teacher and student relationship, friendship and lot more.
• I agree that this movie is not for all, at least not for those who appreciate filthy jokes and unrealistic stunts, what they call action.
• Cinematic extravaganza in terms of cinematography and Choreography (Hats off to Vaibhavi)
• Power packed performance by the entire star cast.
• Entertaining music, as I had not heard any before I saw the movie and I was forced to buy myself a CD. ‘O re piya’, ‘Ishq hua’ stand out.
• Wonderful and well shot Climax.
• Apt well edited short movie.
• Magnificent Art design.

In short it’s a storybook that remains in your memory even after you have finished reading it. See it to believe what I say. I saw it in a packed house, I don’t know what do the respected critics call a weak opening.

My rating: 4/5 Stars