4.5 Excellent

A Gentleman

A Gentleman ,directed by the famous director duo Raj and DK.
Raj and DK concentrates on the entertainment factor in A Gentleman..
Their previous movies missed the same factor..

But do not judge the movie in the basis of trailer and reviews..
it satisfies the basic requirements of watching a movie in the theatre..
Siddharth Malhotra ,Jacqueline Fernandez ,Darshan Kumar etc. show their best ..
The first half was supposed to be boring but the curiosities and doubts in our mind keep us engaged...

The first half leaves us with a shock and thrill due to the brilliant suspense..

and the second half is completely the funny and handsome run and Chase..

The film has definitely filled in the blanks...

some elements seem unrealistic but it is irrelevant if u are engaged in the thrill of the story's suspense and entertainment..

if you need to watch a movie with some realistic approach this film won't satisfy you..

if you seek a complete entertainment that a worthy of a trip to the theatre then this film is the best of all options..
Raj -DK and Sita Menon did a good job with the script .

SACHIN -JIGAR completes the outline with their tunes.

the film is a hard to understand movie so kids won't appreciate the story but they will really love the epic actions scenes..

overall A Gentleman is worth a watch in theatres..

Overall rating -4.5/5