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99.9 FM – Nothing is 100% Movie Review

99.9 FM – Nothing is 100% Movie Rating

A series of popular songs with a weak plot does not a commercial film make. This, in short, is why a film on a radio jockey, 99.9 FM, does not work.

Shawar Ali is a radio jockey who is the face of 99.9 FM. The narrative begins with his announcement that it is his anniversary. We see that he cannot simply wait to get back home to be with his wife [Raima Sen].

The narrative then moves back and forth with songs, sequences and flashbacks to reveal that Shawar has two women in his life, Dipannita Sharma, his lover and Raima Sen, his wife.

A love triangle, it culminates into a murder

What could've been a 30-minute tele-film story has been stretched to 1.30 hours and that's where 99.9 FM falters. Debutante director Sanjay Bhatia seems confused thanks to a lifeless script. The film neither caters to the intelligentsia, nor does it appeal to the average moviegoer.

The only silver lining is the selection of songs, which are played in the background. Other than that, there's not much to look forward to.

Shawar Ali had the opportunity of displaying varied emotions, of a vibrant jockey, a possessive husband, an ardent lover, a cunning killer, but he fails to impress. In fact, he looks expressionless at most times. Raima Sen is pretty talented and that is visible on screen. Dipannita does not have a scene that remains etched in your memory.

On the whole, 99.9 FM is a poor show all the way.

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