1.5 Average

8×10 Tasveer

The film is a bad one. The suspence as expounded by the film makers is far below up to mark. This film was earlier released in Pakistan cinemas, but it failed at the box office leaving the importers in lot of financial problems. Normally Bollywood films do well in Pakistan as it is liked by the Pakiatani audience. The Film is not a one that requires a review. We are writing it so that more people should not waste their time by watching this rather stupied movie. Ashkay in our opinion is a just an average performer. His roles may suit in B-gangster movies only. He does not have a face to act in a supernatural thriller. In terms of performance the movies badly falls flat. We all were keen to leave the cinema hall to avoid such a jerky plot, music was scanty but not recommended. Avoid this. 2.5/10