4.5 Excellent

8×10 Tasveer

The moment the opening credits show on screen you know that you are not going to watch any typical Bollywood movie..That mood stays all throughout the movie,that of a haunting, mesmerising and fantastically paced..Any typical Bollywood film fan a request stay away..It has got no songs, no comedy and no slapstick..Its a classic Whodunnit with some very gripping moments..Its a brilliant mix of supernatural with a near perfect murder mystery..Some scenes are just awe-inspiring.Like the Akshay's Houdini act.Wow..Brilliant camera work,fantastic musical score and a perfect well paced Akshay Kumar far from anything you have seen him in till date..Nagesh Kukunoor proves again that he is one of India's best and most underrated..

If any friend of yours comes and tells you anything about the story just run away from there..You wouldnt want to miss the thrill..

In my opinion one of the best thrillers of all time in Hindi cinema..