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An interesting idea may not necessarily translate into an interesting film. 50 LAKH has an interesting plotline, but the execution [at times] as also the writing curtails its prospects majorly. Actually, 50 LAKH neither appeals as a thriller, nor does it work as a light entertainer.

The concept is identifiable, no doubt, but how one wishes the director, also the writer in this case, would've had the vision to take it to its destination without hiccups.

The movie is a story of five young friends in Hyderabad. These friends, four boys [Ramu, Shankar, Kumar, Vivek] and a girl [Aditi], are middle-class people with middle-class aspirations.

In Mumbai, mafia don Irfan Khan [Pawan Malhotra] decides to shift operations to Dubai. As international airports are under surveillance and borders sealed, he hatches a plan. The plan is to get into a domestic flight in Hyderabad with the Home Minister.

Irfan decides to travel incognito, while four of his associates will hijack the flight to Kathmandu in Nepal. In Kathmandu, the hijackers would allow all the passengers, except the minister, to leave. The security forces, concerned about the minister, would not bother about the freed passengers. Irfan, one amongst them, would quietly slip away to Dubai. For this plan to succeed, Irfan seeks to recruit four fresh boys, ones without police records.

But what eventually unfolds is completely different. The four boys come face to face with the dreaded Irfan Khan.

50 LAKH starts with a bang and the problems of the unemployed youth are well depicted in the first 20 odd minutes. The parallel track -- of the dreaded don -- is also captivating. In fact, you've no major complaints in the first hour, but it's the latter part that spoils the show.

The problem in the second hour is, from being believable, the story turns unbelievable rapidly. Cinematic liberties are fine if you maintain uniformity from start to end, but why suddenly get filmy?

The second hour is unbearable because of various reasons. The kidnapping drama -- of the minister and the don, both separate instances -- looks fake. Is it child's play to kidnap a minister or a dreaded don? Besides, the hijacker and minister portion in the aircraft is such a terrible bore. If the intention was to make you laugh, sorry, it fails miserably.

A few scenes between the four youngsters and the don in the jungles are interesting, but why stretch the film endlessly? Director Chandrashekhar Yeleti loses focus midway. Dialogues are well-penned at places. Cinematography [Senthil Kumar K.K.] is consistent.

Pawan Malhotra is the only known name in the cast, but it looks as if he has walked out of BLACK FRIDAY sets and landed on this film's sets. The actor enacting the role of Rama is confident. The remaining cast is strictly okay.

On the whole, 50 LAKH doesn't work. At the box-office, it's a non-starter.

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