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“Aisha is a coming of age story and a chick flick” – Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam Kapoor is in her mid twenties. But when you meet her, you wonder, and that maybe the IMDb has got her age incorrect. Sonam looks like she is just about to turn eighteen in her new film Aisha. She is getting younger with each film, and that’s so true when you see her from Saawariya to Delhi 6 to I Hate LUV Storys. This paradoxical mix of adult and youth goes someway to explaining why Kapoor is the talk of the town. Sonam has made a remarkable career out of such intriguingly offbeat decisions. In fact, it’s easy to think of her as the ‘Nutan’ of films – beautiful and defined by her quirkiness. But the real similarity between the two is their talent. She is a wonderful combination of an intellect far beyond her years, and yet there are qualities of hers that are still a young girl, and those qualities charm the pants off you. She’s a perfect combo, and her ability has shone in every role she’s played. No mean feat when you think about her choices. Having shopped bags full from the designer store Top Shop, all the way from the streets of Edinburgh, the compulsive shopper Sonam gets busy chatting with UK’s Harrow Observer columnist and Bollywood Hungama‘s London correspondent Devansh Patel. And whenever we look at Sonam Kapoor, we see a true Indian Cinderella on the threshold of a brilliant ongoing career, and Aisha is one of the many adjectives coming her way.

It’s a coming of age story and a chick flick, as we all love to put it

How much money have you been spending on the streets of Edinburgh?

(Laughs). I’ve just come out of Top Shop and destroyed myself. I’ve gone on an insane shopping spree. I haven’t got a chance to enjoy IHLS success. I am shooting here for Mausam with Shahid Kapoor and will miss the after party of IHLS.

So, can you take us into the sweet world of Aisha?

Of course yes. It’s her world, her friends, her aesthetics, her energy, her love, her vibrancy, etc. Aisha is a happy girly person who is as strong as an individual. But she is soon going to transform herself from a girl to a woman. That’s what Aisha is about. It’s a coming of age story and a chick flick, as we all love to put it. What’s important is the fact that Aisha has a certain growth to her character which makes her world more interesting.

Sonam Kapoor

And how was the in-his-own-space Abhay Deol? Did he make you feel like a weirdo just like him?

(Laughs) Abhay and I share very similar acting styles. The energy between us actually translates. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I told him that I need to work with him again. We had a blast and I am missing him now (laughs). We shared a give and take relationship. What not many know about us is that we both are emotional actors. I want to do lots of movies with Abhay Deol.

So now that IHLS worked in the overseas, will it give Aisha that extra nudge?

Well, I hope so. I’d love to interact with the media and my fans in London. Yes, Aisha will give that extra push because IHLS worked but any film, be it Aisha or any of my forthcoming releases will only work if the story is up to the mark. The same audiences who loved IHLS have hated many of the past films released in the overseas. But the initial nudge will be there.

Your smile is so infectious that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to launch a ‘foot long smile’ Subway around the globe.
(Laughs) Thank you so much. I think it’s not a bad idea. I’d love to have one on my way to London. But do keep me posted on the ‘sub’ front (laughs).

I want to do lots of movies with Abhay Deol

So, were you more impressed with the book or the film Emma?

I think the book is a better version for me. I liked the film too but the book gives you more depth. Aisha isn’t a rip off from any film. It’s basically about a girl who is constantly match-making and the whole film is centred on Aisha and her bunch of friends. For Aisha, you need people around her to challenge her, to interact with her, to speak to her, to cry and laugh with her. That’s what the film does. It’s a great ensemble film.

And how was it to drive in the cute yellow ‘Beetle’?

I love it. I am a crazy girl when it comes to driving. I love driving fast and Beetle is so girly and cute. It’s a perfect girl’s car. I am soon going to get one for myself.

Aisha is still a fantasy, isn’t it?

This movie is for everyone. Girls will love it and the kids will love it too. It’s got great music, it’s got funny moments, and it’s got superb music. To add more, you have parties, great clothes and is filled with colours. The youth will fall in love with the film. Aisha is also about a father, a daughter and marriage. It’s a quirky love story and translates through ages.

The youth will fall in love with the film

So in terms of acting, have you pushed the envelope?

I think, I don’t know. It was challenging for me to do Aisha. I was there in every frame from beginning to end. To do two hours of consistent performance is not easy. It’s a light hearted comedy and that’s what difficult for me. Crying and laughing and getting angry comes easy to me. But being a girl and being happy and having a great timing in comedy is a tough task.

Want to know more about a professional from a professional. Sonam Kapoor on Rhea Kapoor.
Rhea is young and filled with lots of energy. She is very bright and extremely practical. She has a vision and is hard-headed too. Because she is young and creative, she can take chances and be courageous. Aisha is a bold step to take for our first film together as a family.

Sonam Kapoor

How different is your couture in Aisha compared to that of IHLS?

It’s diverse. It’s like chalk and cheese. IHLS had me dressed up in casuals throughout. I was simple and yet colourful because I was an ordinary girl. It’s a tough act to follow and Manish pulled it off well. In Aisha, I’m a perfect girl who wants to be dressed up in high end designer outfits. I get what I want. It’s edgy in a way.

And before we disconnect, how close is Aisha for Anil Kapoor?

Aisha is his third child. He is very emotional because it’s his first production with both his daughters in it: One as an actor and one as a producer. My father trusted everything that Rhea did for this film and is backing us all the way to make sure Aisha reaches out to the audiences who’ve loved him for three decades. Aisha is a complete film for all of us. It’s a part of this family.

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