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Music review of U Me Aur Hum by Joginder Tuteja


The moment one lays hands on the music album of U Me Aur Hum, one tends to exclaim 'Thank God'. And this happens even before one is through listening to the entire soundtrack.

Reason? There is literally a draught of new music arriving in the market with the last notable arrivals being, Jodhaa Akbar and Race that came in January. With future not looking

too exciting either in terms of any major albums hitting the stands, all eyes are set on U Me Aur Hum, which is expected to make some music. Pun intended!

There are reasons associated with the project in itself too which make U Me Aur Hum interesting. Vishal Bhardwaj is known for his quality score that always has a touch of classic

elements, whether Indian or Western. This time around, instead of Gulzar who is a regular with Bhardwaj, relative newcomer Munna Dhiman has been roped in as a lyricist.

Also, this is the first romantic film for Ajay Devgan and Kajol after Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha which had boasted of some memorable tracks. And if the promotion of the film is any indication,

audience is bound to expect a quality outing, both from the film and music perspective. Well, the expectations are much more than meant as U Me Aur Hum turns out to be a perfect

Valentines outing.

Addictive. This is how one can describe the opening number of 'Sunday' - 'Jee Le' - in one word! Apart from the fact that Munna Dhiman doesn't let one miss the poetry of

Gulzar saab with his real-to-life lyrics, music of Vishal Bhardwaj too takes the kind of twists and turns which are associated with the style that he has been known for ever since he first made

a splash with Maachis. Though the promos so far have given an indication that 'Jee Le' is purely an Adnan Sami number, it actually is a duet with Shreya Ghoshal giving him just

the perfect company.

'Jee Le' is a love ballad which takes on a carnival touch at places though refraining from going overboard. With a Spanish flavor associated with it, 'Jee Le' is a number that catches on

you within a couple of hearings and stays on to make for a melodious piece of music, which works on every listening. And thankfully, there is no remix version which could have potentially

diluted the impact.

Trademark Vishal Bhardwaj sense of music is quite apparent with the way Shreya Ghoshal goes about singing the title song U Me Aur Hum. And no, though the song's title gives an

impression of an out and out English outing on it's way, that's not the case. Shreya Ghoshal compliments Vishal's serene musical sense coupled with Munna Dhiman's simple lyrics quite

well. She sings U Me Aur Hum in a way, which could draw parallels with Asha Bhonsle's 'Katra Katra' [Ijazat].

There is an inherent class in the proceedings of U Me Aur Hum, which makes one internalize the song and feel good about it being played around it. Arrangements for the song create a

calm feel, which by itself gets a romantic mood on. It's a beautiful track that is as melodious as it gets and flows in a direction, which is opposite to the 'high-on-beats' tracks that are

otherwise the order of the day. Surprisingly though, there is a male voice heard singing a couple of lines in English at the beginning and end but is not credited.

Later towards the end of the album, Vishal Bhardwaj himself decides to come behind the mike and come up with his own rendition of U Me Aur Hum. It makes for an even better

experience since a) one gets to hear a fresh voice hitherto unheard and b) there is just a guitar in the background, which makes one concentrate entirely on the melody, flow, and feel of the

song. Superb!

Sunidhi Chauhan makes her debut in U Me Aur Hum with 'Saiyaan', which makes a shift from the overtly mushy-n-romantic mood of the album and takes the listener to a

world of pep and fun. Now this is a kind of song, which should be coming next in the film's promotional campaign since it marks a deviation from what one has heard and seen of the film so

far. Also, the track promises a fun outing as it showcases Kajol jest fully teasing her husband about the kind of 'Saiyaan' he has turned out to be after marriage.

Again, just in true tradition of Vishal Bhardwaj's style of composing songs, the track moves in a serpentine fashion while consciously moving away from anything pedestrian or basic. Also,

credit to Munna Dhiman for writing something as witty as 'Saiyaan', which is bound to make the number fun to watch on the fun screen.

The sound of guitar heard in the first 10 seconds of 'Phatte' is the same as one heard in Pritam's 'Halka Halka' [Chocolate]. However, this is the only duration where

there is any similarity between the two songs and soon after the song turns out to be a husband-wife fun dual as Adnan Sami and Sunidhi Chauhan get into a Punjabi-Hindi rendition.

Though the number is based on Punjabi folk with 'bhangra' beats intact, 'Phatte' still manages to stay away from the stereotype courtesy a different mood and setting. It would be fun

to watch how Kajol carries herself in the song as one would look expect her real life chemistry with hubby Ajay to be exposed in entirety here.

After the opening number 'Jee Le', Adnan Sami and Shreya Ghoshal return with 'Dil Dhakda Hai'. Yes, this turns out to be their second straight hit in the album as the

song brings in a different flavor with it and turns out to be a guaranteed popular number in the making. The song gets the right rhythm in place while not letting go of an intrinsic melodic

mood of the album. A number about a couple realizing their love for each other though refraining from getting overtly mushy about the state of affairs and taking it rather lightly, 'Dil

Dhakda Hai' is yet another engaging number which is bound to not just sound but even look good.

U Me Aur Hum is as much as Vishal Bhardwaj’s album as Munna Dhiman's. The lyricist had big boots to fill while coming in place of Gulzar Saab but he doesn't disappoint even one bit.

On the other hand, singers like Adnan Sami, Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan deliver their best to come out of their comfort zone and do something different for a soundtrack which

breaks away from the stereotype and brings in a fresh sound.

Go for U Me Aur Hum - this one is going to be played on for many months to come!

U Me Aur Hum 3.5 Joginder Tuteja 20080216

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