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“Dad saw Love U…Mr.Kalakaar and loved it” – Tusshar Kapoor

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Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor who had two back to back releases in Shor In The City and Love U...Mr.Kalakaar was recently live on Bollywood Hungama's chat. For all those who missed logging in, here are the excerpts:

Tusshar Kapoor : Hi this is Tusshar only on Bollywood

Aamir : hey tusshar nice to have you here...

Tusshar Kapoor : thank you Aamir

Rupesh : how was it shooting for Shor?
Tusshar Kapoor : Rupesh...awesome. It was fast, organised and I am happy with the results.

Deepali : i didnt get the last scene werent you dead?
Tusshar Kapoor : No Deepali...actually I wasnt was made to believe that I am dead

Gauri : what bout the entire bomb sequence when you guys wanted to see it blast... what was the reason for it in the film?
Tusshar Kapoor : was meant to actually bring a turning point in my life..

Yashree : hiii tusshar...i really like you in yeh dil
Tusshar Kapoor : Thank you Yashree...that was loong back

ravinder : tusshar ur very good in gollmaal 3
Tusshar Kapoor : thank u ravinder...i have just won the Jeeyo Bollywood award for it for Best actor in a comic role

Shriya : Greetings from all the Mauritian fans
Tusshar Kapoor : Hi Mauritius...hope u enjoyed Shor if u have seen it

Gauri : so kinda like the entire reseruction... to turn a new and more enlightened leaf of life?

Tusshar Kapoor : yes Gauri...thats exactly what was the philosophy behind it.

Aamir : tusshar what about luv u mr kalakar? whats the film like?
Tusshar Kapoor : Aamir...its a romantic film, a family film and a modern film with the typical values that one associates with Rajshri films

Tusshar Kapoor

Deepali : what bout the bomb scene couldnt the film have done with out it?
Tusshar Kapoor : Deepali...i think people have loved the bomb sequence the most as there is a lot of comedy in it...that is the part where the track takes a turn.

Rupesh : from comedy to now romance... drastic
Tusshar Kapoor : yes rupesh...comedy to edgy serious thriller like Shor and now to Romance in Love U Mr Kalakaar

Gauri : agree there is a lot of comedy bt i think it simply extended the length of the film by 10 mins
Tusshar Kapoor : Gauri...but its so vital to the film that we couldnt edit any more of it.

Yashree : tusshar..any funny experience during the shooting of yeh dil..that you can share wiz us
Tusshar Kapoor : Yashree...I quite hated the making of Yeh was a while back and I didnt quite get along with the let bygones be bygones.

Miss. Kalakari : so what was it like shooting with Amrita...
Tusshar Kapoor : Amrita is very detail oriented, gets into the skin of the character so shooting with her is quite motivating for an actor.

Rupesh : tell us more bout mr kalakar and ur role in it pls
Tusshar Kapoor : Rupesh...Love U Mr Kalakaar is a romantic film with subtle message and lots of emotions. I play an artist, a cartoonist whose ambition is to have comic strip in his name in a newspaper.

ravinder : tusshar u think about salmaan s ready movie
Tusshar Kapoor : ravinder...I think it looks very commercial and entertaining...a complete masala film.

Aamir : tusshar ragini mms y didnt u act in it?
Tusshar Kapoor : Aamir...becos I was never offered it and a date flick would work better with newcomers as it adds to the intrigue of the film.

Tusshar Kapoor

ravinder : how bout u acting in one of ur sisters films??? y havent we seen it yet
Tusshar Kapoor : ravinder...well Shor in the city is her film...the next Balaji film which I am doing is The Dirty Picture

Aamir : what are u doin in the dirty picture?
Tusshar Kapoor : Aamir...I play a writer from the Silk Smitha era..i play one of her love interests.

Rupesh : what bout naseeruddin even he is in dirty picture,...
Tusshar Kapoor : Rupesh....yes he is...he is playing my elder brother

ravinder : tusshar ur very nice in shoot out at lokhndwala
Tusshar Kapoor : ravinder...thank was a very diff role for me

Gauri : will you also be dancing in dirty picture like naseeruddin and vidya?
Tusshar Kapoor : Gauri...well that has to be still decided as to how the songs will be picturised but I guess there will be a lot of dance sequences

Deepali : whats with the hat tusshar?
Tusshar Kapoor : Deepali....bad hair day so saving you guys the torture

Miss. Kalakari : Tusshar, please extend the "Cartoon Strip Contest" I missed it by few hours
Tusshar Kapoor : ok will do my best to do that Miss Kalakari

sukh khela : superb acting in shor.......shud do more gangsta movies.....
Tusshar Kapoor : sukh...yes but I am waiting for good scripts like Shootout and Shor

Deepali : have u ever though of directing a film? if nt y?
Tusshar Kapoor : Deepali...not interested in direction but I might turn an independent producer soon

ravinder : whats more important better script or better director?
Tusshar Kapoor : ravinder...both

Simran Preet : do u like ddlj?
Tusshar Kapoor : Simran..Yes I did but havent seen it too many times

karan : hey dude when you gonna do golmaal again?
Tusshar Kapoor : karan...2012 most probably

Tusshar Kapoor

rajeev : u planning on watching Fast Five? Nikhil was there for the premiere
Tusshar Kapoor : rajeev...not really yaar...I am too busy with Love u Mr Kalakaar promotions right now

ravinder : is there anything that youi would want to change in the film now?
Tusshar Kapoor : ravinder...not at all. I think its gotten great reviews the way it is so wont want to change anything abt it

Vinod : loved the opening sequence of Shor... who thought of the cam mounted on a bike?
Tusshar Kapoor : Vinod...the directors Raj and DK

Simran Preet : did u have facebook id if than please tell me
Tusshar Kapoor : yes I do but right now I am more active on Twitter - TusshKapoor

Vicky : I looooooved your interview on Bollywood Hungama. U were so ecstatic abt SHOR post release. RU now?
Tusshar Kapoor : Vicky..yes I am ecstatic abt Shor and the reviews and the appreciation that its got. hence i am doing so much post release promotion

karan : dude who is your best friend in showbiz?
Tusshar Kapoor : karan...dont have a best friend but I am close to Kareena and Ajay

nadira maragh : hey when are u coming to fl? miami to visit ur fans
Tusshar Kapoor : when you guys invite me over and sponsor my tkt

Miss. Kalakari : I liked the song "Bhure Bhure" so romantic & you look so adorable

Tusshar Kapoor : Thank has a very retro and nice, refreshing feel abt it

IndyDhaliwal : yo bro u think srk and salman will ever be friends ?
Tusshar Kapoor : Indy..i dont really care as long as they are happy in their own space

Deepali : what bout the casting of sendhil? y him?
Tusshar Kapoor : Deepali...becos we needed a guy who could probably look and act like a NRI...Sendhil adds a lot of star value becos of his following

Anish : Which film do you think has better music-shor or love you mr. kalaakar?
Tusshar Kapoor : Anish....Shor is definitely got more niche appeal in its music but LUMK has more mass appeal

Tusshar Kapoor

Aamir : how did u manage to shoot the visarjan scene?
Tusshar Kapoor : Aamir...we actually created a visarjan scene...but it looks real thanks to the directors and camerawork

ravinder : is there any more in the series of golmaal?
Tusshar Kapoor : Yes…I really enjoyed doing the Golmaal series becos that unit has become like family

Vicky : We in London would love to see you in films with multiple heroines wouldnt that be a revelation?
Tusshar Kapoor : Vicky...going to do a film with Satish Kaushik where there will be 3 girls

Miss. Kalakari : Will you do a film with your dad someday?
Tusshar Kapoor : of course YES but Dad is not interested in acting right now

Ashutosh : when are we going to see a performance like Khakee of yours ?
Tusshar Kapoor : Ashutosh...Shor in the City was better than Khakee according to me

mujtaba : Do you feel underrated as an actor?
Tusshar Kapoor : mujtaba...not any more after Shor In The City

nadira maragh : its fun in miami lol i met abhi and aishwarya bachchan here on the shoot of dostana and john too
Tusshar Kapoor : I am happy that you got to meet ur fav stars nadira

sehar : is lumk releasing world wide on 13th?
Tusshar Kapoor : sehar...yes its releasing worldwide on 13th May

Vicky : Ekta Kapoor said, "You are her prized posession" (read on Twitter) Pls comment

Tusshar Kapoor : Vicky...likewise she is also my prized possession...we both are family so it goes without saying

Vicky : When will we Londoners get to see SHOR IN THE CITY OF BIG BEN??
Tusshar Kapoor : Vicky...I dont knw the exact release date but very soon overseas too

pururaj : any more movies lined up this year?
Tusshar Kapoor : pururaj...LUMK, Hum Tum Shabana and Dirty Picture

Aleshanee29 : would u sign a movie that is going to be shoot in Germany?
Tusshar Kapoor : Aleshanee...i would love to shoot in Germany...its beautiful and has great historical value...the land of Hitler

Tusshar Kapoor

jas28 : Hi Tushar, read great reviews of shor.. gonna try n catch it soon
Tusshar Kapoor : I am sure u will enjoy it and congratulate me again

jas28 : How was it working with the whole team of Shor? How was it working with Nikhil n Sendhil?
Tusshar Kapoor : was excellent working with Nikhil...didnt have any scenes with Sendhil

Dalwinder : When will you do an action film as solo hero?
Tusshar Kapoor : Dalwinder...when i get the right script

J89wer : By the way, how is your father doing? Familiar with him too..doing any movies lately
Tusshar Kapoor : He is not interested in acting any more...he is doing great...he just saw LUMK...and loved it

jas28 : one release after the other! how do u feel abt both ur movies?
Tusshar Kapoor : jas...i am kinda busy and stressed also as I want both of them to get their due but everything is working out well so far

jas28 : Whats the reason with u doing so less movies these days? Last one being Golmaal 3
Tusshar Kapoor : jas...well I have 3 releases in 6 that less?

shabaz : i like tht u look more fit now in your recent even pictures. have u been hitting the gym regularly?
Tusshar Kapoor : yes I work out everyday without fail

IndyDhaliwal : do u think the world will end in 2012?
Tusshar Kapoor : Indy...till I am acting in films it wont end...jokes apart I dont think so

Tusshar Kapoor : waqas...Aamir

jas28 : Any one actor or actress u wud love to work with dat u havent as yet?
Tusshar Kapoor : jas...would love to work with Vidya but I am working with her in dirty pictures

Tusshar Kapoor

Aleshanee29 : my pleasure. whats the best thing about ur job?
Tusshar Kapoor : Aleshanee...that there is always something to surprise u...its very unpredictable

Aleshanee29 : Germany specially Leipzig awaits u
Tusshar Kapoor : Aleshane...hope LUMK releases in Germany and u get to watch it

aditya : Where is ur fav holiday destination?
Tusshar Kapoor : aditya...Dubai and Goa

mujtaba : what do you think the opening of shor in the city?
Tusshar Kapoor : was weak but it settled down to collect well in select plexes

tinaaaa : hi tushar. would you ever want to work with preity zinta?
Tusshar Kapoor : not really...i think she hates me after Koffee with Karan

RituJoshi : When are you doing another film with Esha Deol? You guys look great together!!
Tusshar Kapoor : ritu...well i would love to work with Esha provided a good director comes and offers a good script

RituJoshi : Who is your favourite actress from the 70s and 80s?

Tusshar Kapoor : ritu...Hema Malini and Sridevi

Aleshanee29 : i will come to india next year and i hope to see some actors there

Tusshar Kapoor : Aleshanee...well u can see me right now on Bollywood Hungama...i am in India only

Anish : You had signed the satish kaushik movies 5 years ago,right?
Tusshar Kapoor : we were always planning but now its working out

Tusshar Kapoor

nadira maragh : i wanna meet u and kareena lol i luv her and u i hope u all act together again
Tusshar Kapoor : thank u nadira but she is really busy right now so I havent met her myself

RituJoshi : Any plans on visiting Toronto?
Tusshar Kapoor : plans yet but I love Toronto and used to go there when I was studying in the US

jas28 : will we ever get to u and ur father star in a movie produced by Ekta

Tusshar Kapoor : is not interested in acting right now

nadira maragh : well am born and raise in miami never been to india i would love to come one day
Tusshar Kapoor : ur most welcome nadira...india is a lovely place

Samir : Tushar.. Why are you not doing any action films after shoot out ?
Tusshar Kapoor : Shor is semi-action but havent come across a good script in that genre

Tusshar Kapoor : Hey LUMK coming on 13th may...its a film u can watch with ur entire family....and I am sure u can leave the theatre feeling really nice.


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