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Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai? Movie Review

Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai? Movie Rating

Harry Baweja's YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI?, directed by Hansal Mehta, is a sex-comedy.

It tells the story of four friends ? Aamir, Prashant, Yash and Vaibhav ? who are in their final year of college. The story gathers momentum when the four are refused entry in a discotheque, since singles are not allowed. Thus begins their search for their kind of woman?

The finale has Aamir saying 'I love you' to his sweetheart, Vaibhav still landing up in embarrassing situations, Prashant realising that he loves his angelic girl-friend and Yash respecting someone who doesn't endorse his feelings completely.

The bottomline being love scores over lust!

YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI? is loosely inspired by the American hit AMERICAN PIE and flashes of DIL CHAHTA HAI also cross your mind as the story unfolds. Although the story talks of friends, clubbing it with those two films wouldn't be right since the sequence of events in this case are in contrast to those in the above-named two films.

YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI? has its moments of fun, especially in the first half. The amalgamation of sex and humour results in a couple of enjoyable sequences. Scenes filled with funny and adultery jokes. For the orthodox Indian audiences, the content would raise eyebrows, although everything here is expressed in a subtle fashion.

But the film falters in the post-interval portions. Thanks to a half-baked script. The drama is not as captivating as it should've been and the culmination to several love stories leaves a lot to be desired. Some questions still haunt you even after the show has ended ?

* Why does Aamir's sweetheart suddenly have a change of heart? Why does she suddenly agree to have sex, despite having a showdown a few sequences earlier?

* What were the contents of the letter that prompted Punarnava to have a change of heart towards Yash? That should've been specified!

* Why does Payal carry her personal diary (which spills the beans eventually!) to the farewell party? And why does her bag, which carries this diary, suddenly drops near Prashant's feet? That looks like a compromise from the writing point of view.

* And what happens to the villain's (Tarun) track? Where does he disappear suddenly, only to resurface towards the climax?

Director Hansal Mehta deserves full marks for introducing new talent and making them shed their inhibitions in the acting department, but along with writer Suparn Verma, ought to have concentrated more on gags, punches and witty one-liners. Not that the film is devoid of wit and humour ? a few sequences like Vaibhav's escapades with a cop's wife and a foreigner family-friend are hilarious and brilliantly penned and treated ? but the film had scope for more spice-filled sequences.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music soothes your nerves with easy-on-the-ears tunes and at least three numbers can easily be singled out ? the title track, 'Ye Sama' and 'Oo La' (brilliantly choreographed by Bosco-Caesar). Cinematography is first-rate.

The film introduces nine fresh actors, but it is Vaibhav who stands out with a performance that will be loved by the viewers. The youngster takes to it like a fish takes to water and is sure to walk away with laurels.

Aamir looks handsome and has the talent to match. The sequence with Prashant's sweetheart in the pre-climax proves that he's a capable actor. Prashant has all the qualities of a star ? he looks dashing, has an unmatched physique, emotes well and carries himself with ?n. Yash has handled a difficult role with sincerity. His expressions are just perfect.

Amongst heroines, Samita stands out with a confident performance. Her scene in the climax with Prashant deserves special mention. Punarnava looks classy and leaves a mark as an actress. Payal oozes sex appeal and handles her part with precision. Deepti scores in the climax, delivering her lines and expressions with confidence. Tarun, in a role that has grey shades, dances exceptionally well and is a complete natural.

On the whole, YEH KYA HO RAHA HAI? is aimed at the youth, who may not take to it whole-heartedly. From the business point of view, the film stands a fair chance at multiplexes of metros mainly. However, the tough opposition in the coming weeks (HATHYAR, DEEWANGEE) may curtail its prospects to an extent.

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