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Ye Stupid Pyar Music Review



One has absolutely no clue around where did this film arrive from. A non-star cast affair made of debutants with a new director as well as the composers (Vipin Patwa, Reeky) and lyricists team, Ye Stupid Pyar has arrived out of nowhere and makes you wonder if there would indeed be something worthwhile in the offering here. Nevertheless with fair deal of apprehension one plays on the album, only to be pleasantly surprised with the final outcome which turns out to be fairly decent with melody at the core of it all.


Ye Stupid Pyar begins with a love song titled 'Lamha Lamha' which has Nikhil D'Souza crooning in a style which is usually associated with Atif Aslam. Vipin Patwa's tune too begins on similar lines before taking the kind of route that the title song of MP3 - 'Mera Mera Pehla' had taken when released a few years ago. Sanjay Mishra's lyrics have a poetic mood to them and ensure that the composer and singer have enough meat to chew upon, hence resulting in a feel good romantic number that makes for a pleasant hearing. The song (deservingly) finds a 'remix version' for itself which is a good inclusion as well.

Vipin Patwa spins another good tune in the form of 'Tere Naam Se' which has Yusuf Alikhan as the lyricist. The song is pretty much an extension of what one had heard moments ago in 'Lamha Lamha' and the song ensures that the mood of the album remains intact with no diversion whatsoever. Ever so reliable K.K. is brought behind the mike for this Yusuf Alikhan written track and as expected he does good justice to 'Tere Naam Se' which makes it two in a row for Ye Stupid Pyar. Though one is content with the original track here, there is a 'remix version' added as well.

Reeky plays the double role of composer and lyricist for 'Aana meri Zindagi Mein' which has a quintessential Atif Aslam feel to it. Does one mind similarities at all? No, not at all as this soft rock number ensures that there is good enough variety added to Ye Stupid Pyaar that ends up throwing a big surprise with due to it being yet another good track. Written by Arafat Mahmood and Shruti, 'Aana meri Zindagi Mein' is the kind of number that does make further impact when supported by a 'remix version' and this is exactly what happens once it makes it's presence felt towards the end of the album.

The album introduces a shift in mood though with 'Ishq Da Mausam' that gets into 'Bhangra-pop' mode, hence diverting from an urban contemporary flavour of Ye Stupid Pyar to something far more filmy. With composer Vipin Patwa and lyricist Sanjay Mishra reuniting for this fun-n-celebration dance number, singers Master Salim and Ritu Pathak lend some good energy to the proceedings. Still one looks forward to the album bringing back the kind of romantic mood that it had created earlier with its opening three tracks.

Thankfully results are seen in quick time with Vipin Patwa spinning a contemporary romantic tale with 'Mahroom Hoon'. A quintessential Bollywood lovey-dovey track penned by Yusuf Alikhan which has Shaan and Manjeera creating just the right mood that would keep the young lovers entertained, 'Mahroom Hoon' is for those who like their music to have a 90s touch to them. Another reference point here is the way Shaan going about singing this track where he comes quite close to sounding like Vinod Rathod.

It's the sound of a saxophone that begins proceedings for 'Stupid Pyar', a song written by Dr. Sagar. This time around composer Vipin Patwa also brings himself behind the mike and in company of Shreya Ghoshal goes about crooning a number which turns out to be a soft rock outing. Though the song is supposed to lend a romantic touch to the proceedings, it surprisingly makes one feel that the male protagonist is a tad sad out there. Thankfully Shreya is spirited as always and lends good credibility here. Expect portions of this song to appear at various junctures in the album.

Reeky returns to scene with 'Maskara Sexy' which has its beginning portions (by Arun Daga) on the same lines as 'Kajra Mohabbat Waala' (Kismet). However similarities end once Sasha comes on scene and ignites the proceedings with her seductive-n-naughty rendition. Sadhu arrives on the scene later for this Arafat Mahmood written number that tries to merge 'desi' item number feel with a much more contemporary dance outing. However the end results are just about ordinary.

The album concludes with a couple of theme pieces with 'Tere Naam Se' [Male] arriving first. Put to tune by Reeky, this one comes with just the right attitude and goes with the young urban feel of the movie. Though it lasts for a mere 80 seconds, it does register an impact. Same holds good for Rakesh Jain written 'Theme' piece that is composed by Vipin Patwa and sung by Manjeera. This track has certain grandeur to it and promises a quality outing in Ye Stupid Pyar.


As mentioned at the very beginning of this review, Ye Stupid Pyar springs a pleasant surprise as it isn't a pushover that one would have expected it to be. While none of the songs here makes one look the other way, what helps its cause are 3-4 tracks that actually end up registering a good impact. Demand of the situation here is for the makers to begin promoting this album heavily so that it gets the kind of audience that it deserves. If pitched well, this one could well register an impact amongst the youth.


Aana meri Zindagi Mein, Lamha Lamha, Tere Naam Se, Mahroom Hoon

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