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Yaara Silly Silly Music Review



One isn't really sure of how the music would unfold for Yaara Silly Silly. However, with names like Ankit Tiwari and Sandeep Nath on the credits, you are almost assured that there would be romantic compositions and lovelorn lyrics in the offering.


Thankfully, the opening is a little above expectation as Ankit Tiwari and Sandeep Nath bring in 'Sathia' which could well have found a place in Aashiqui 2. A romantic number with a wonderful pace to it and some very good singing by Ankit, it has the play of guitar that remains constant throughout its five minute duration. No wonder, the song deserves many more repeat hearing and this is the reason why a duet between Ankit and Mehak Suri arrives next. While that helps the song to gain good recall value, there is more in the offering when Mehak gets to sing a solo version as well. A very good song all the way.

Mehak Suri continues to make her presence felt in the album, what with Ankit Tiwari roping her in for 'Behki'. A love song about a girl finding a way to live life and being happy with all the freedom around her, this one has a serene feel to it and should fit in well into the film's narrative. While Shadaab Hussain aids well as a singer in this easy moving number, 'Behki' keeps the 'sur' of the album intact.

A number with an old world cabaret setting to it, 'Yun Hi' comes next and this time around it is Neeti Mohan who comes behind the mike. A song about seduction where the leading lady Paoli is lending an experience of a lifetime to Parambrata Chatterjee, this one is actually a very ordinary composition and simply follows the template of the 50s with no innovation whatsoever.

The song that follows, 'Tuk Tuk', isn't any better and all that it does is step into 'Kajra Mohabbat Waala' space of the 60s in the way it is set and orchestrated. A 'mujra' outing which is at maximum a gap filler, this one is as basic as it gets, what with singer Nandini Srikar getting into a 'Aaja Mere Raja' mode. Nothing really exciting about it.

The album concludes with 'Yaara Silly Silly Mash Up' and while Parth Suri, Neeti Mohan, Nandini Srikar and Mehak Suri come together for this one, yet again all that you carry home is the sound of Sathia.


Though not much was expected from the soundtrack of Yaara Silly Silly, you do get to hear a good song in the form of 'Sathia'. That one certainly deserves to be popular in time to come.



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