3.5 Very Good

Woh Lamhe

Hi friends,

Reviewing a movie after a while. Last night my friends dragged me from my office to watch Vishesh films’ movie "Woh Lamhe" starring Shiney Ahuja and Kangna Ranaut(yes, the Gangster cast). The movie is supposed to be based upon a real life episode between Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi, the mysterious diva.

Well first of all I was not in a good mood when i went to see the film because I had

a lot of work pending but watched the movie nevertheless. And should I say i appreciated Mohit Suri’s effort.

Yes, thats what i call it, an honest and commendable effort. Mohit Suri is growing up with his every film. If Zeher was a remake shown in an interesting format, Kalyug was definitely sensible. In the same line, Woh Lamhe is sensible, sensitive and has lot of depth.

The Plot:

Sana Azim(Kangna) is a successful film star and is in love with Nikhil(Shaad Randhawa), another film star who abuses her, rapes her and humiliates her. Aditya (shiny ahuja) is a not so successful director and wants to sign Sana for his film. After a series of events that happen as Aditya hurts Sana’s ego, he also manages to sign her for his film. This results in Sana walking out on Nikhil.

As you predict, Aditya’s movie is a big hit and he falls in love with Sana. But there’s a twist here. Sana is schrizophrenic and hallucinates about a girl called Rani(Masumeh). Her mental disorder touches limits and her mother and industry friends decide to trcure her with electric shocks.

Aditya manages to take her away to Goa and stands by her even though she might be dangerous for him. But one fine day, Sana suddenly disappears to be found only when she is discovered with a slashed wrist, two years later.

I dont know whether the plot is based on a real life story or not, but its an interesting plot and Mohit has presented it in the most convincing fashion. Mohit, I cant wait to watch your next film.

Some sequences particularly stand out due to their superb execution. First when a challenged Sana throws her panty on Aditya’s face in a crowded party and when she’s raped by Nikhil subsequently. In the second half, when Sana stabs Aditya on her birthday night is a spine chilling sequence.


The film without doubt belongs to Kangna. If Gangster was an impressive debut, Woh Lamhe is a knock out performance by the very talented actress. She emotes, she scares, she oozes pain in such a convincing manner, one cannot help but visualize Parvin Babi. Ten on Ten to Kangna.

Shiny, though gives a competent performance, but I wont rate it at par with Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi. The actor is definitely capable of giving a better show.

Shaad Randhawa, impresses in a negative role. Masumeh is good as Sana’s hallucination. Other actors are appropriate with
a special mention to Purab Kohli as Aditya’s friend and assistant.


Music is definitely top notch but a little low if compared to Gangster. Pritam knows his job well. Kya mujhe pyar hai(kay kay) and Chal chale(James) are songs that are really melodious and hummable. The best part about woh lamhe’s music is that no song interferes the flow of the movie but only accentuates the proceedings.

Overall, Woh Lamhe is a worth watch movie. Dont expect typical bollywood masala but a sensible and sensitive story told with great conviction.

Comments most awaited.