4.5 Excellent

Woh Lamhe

Inspired by the high-profile romance of yester-year, Woh Lamhe treads the relationship of actress Parveen Babi and director/producer Mahesh Bhatt...
We delve into the enigmatic fragrance and intoxicating aroma of the film’s hauntingly beautiful score, a score that not only continues a trend…but redefines it...

Are you ready to embark onWoh Lamhe, Woh baatein, Koi na jaane" - taking a cue from these words, this time it is the turn of Mahesh Bhatt to tell a story close to his heart through the film 'Woh Lamhe'..

Based on incidents from his relationship with late actress Parvin Babi, 'Woh Lamhe' stars Kangna Ranaut as a female lead with Shiney Ahuja playing the male protagonist...

a journey that promises to protect the sanctity of filmi music, while adding volumes to it? And the masses raise their hands in desperation

for me its the 3rd best movie of the year following movies like fanna and lage raho munna bhai.

it could have been the best if it would have not shown seens of sex and passion as it may have an bad effect on children

but overall its a must see and will surely collect more profit than imagined