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Woh Lamhe

The curiosity factor for Woh Lamhe is building up day by day and hardly can wait for the film to release. Mahesh Bhatt is known for his penchant for autobiographical or to be precise semi autobiographical films in which his real life experiences are filtered into the screen through the prism of his conscience or rather technologically through the camera. His films are always a cathartic experience both for the viewer as well as for himself though fueling the debate as whether he is exploiting someone’s pain for commercial exploitation. Bhatt Saab’s films are mostly structured from the male gaze with scant consideration for the viewpoint of the ‘other’ for which his films are sometimes labeled as narcissistic yet they seldom fail to stir the audience. With low costs, excellent scripting and relatively new but talented actors & technicians, time bound productions & exotic locales Vishesh films and Mahesh Bhatt has been giving both mathematical & emotional hits one after the other such as Kalyug, gangster and so on.

Who Lamhe hopefully will be no exception and already the song‘kaisa yeh pyar Hai ‘ inspired and improvised from the Indonesian band ‘Tak Biasakeh is a craze & has already become a chartbuster. Though the film is based on Bhatt Saab’s relationship and experiences with his former girlfriend the Late Parveen Babi yet he had attempted to chronicle the same subject way back in 1993 with “phir teri kahani yaad aayi” which had his daughter Pooja Bhatt & Rahul Roy in the lead. Mahesh Bhatt right from Saaraansh till the present whether he is directly in the credits or indirectly such as through his nephew Mohit Suri, has seldom belied audience expectations. Hope the trend continues..