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After Welcome To Sajjanpur, film maker Shyam Benegal returns with yet another rural/small town satire. Yet again he ropes in Shantanu Moitra, who has now gained massive popularity after the success of 3 Idiots. Ashok Mishra, Swanand Kirkire and Ila Arun are in charge of the lyrics. With expectations of at minimum a harmless situational soundtrack, one plays on Well Done Abba.


Well Done Abba begins with a celebration number titled 'Meri Banno Hoshiyar' which is written and sung by Ila Arun. Picturised on Ila Arun herself along with Minissha Lamba, 'Meri Banno Hoshiyar' has a happy mood to it throughout as a group of ladies come together to bring on a wedding. A sweet and simple number that moves at a decent pace, this number (which has Daniel George as a supporting vocalist) should do well with the film's narrative.

The way 'Hum Toh Apni Bawdi Lenge' begins, it reminds one of 'Seetaram Seetaram' from Welcome To Sajjanpur. Written by Ashok Mishra, this number has a rural base to it and reminds one of the many a track of this genre that goes with Doordarshan advertisements that advocate education and family welfare. Rendered by Mohit Chauhan and Swanand Kirkire, 'Hum Toh Apni Bawdi Lenge' goes about making a political statement and brings on topics like democracy and system. A situational track by Ashok Mishra, it should take the story forward.

The first track in the album which has a Shantanu Moitra stamp to it (remember Parineeta, Lagey Raho Munnabhai etc.?), 'Sandesa Sandesa' is a love song with a core Indian feel to it. Unadulterated with no Western influence whatsoever, 'Sandesa Sandesa' is sweet, simple and quite easy to ears with the entire musical team (including lyricist Swanand Kirkire and singer duo of Shreya Ghoshal & Rupankar) doing quite well. In a regular Bollywood film with a love story as an intrinsic element to it, 'Sandesa Sandesa' would have done well for itself. However, one waits to see the kind of impression this song ends up making in Well Done Abba which is basically a political satire.

Next to arrive is 'Rahiman Ishq Ka Dhaga Re', which has a devotional feel to it. Moving at a slow pace with minimal instruments in the background, this soothing track has Raghav and Raja Hasan coming together behind the mike. No, it is not the one for those who are looking for traditional Hindi film music entertainment. However, for those who want their music to be soft with no commercial trappings to it, 'Rahiman Ishq Ka Dhaga Re' written by Ashok Mishra makes for a good hear.

It's a sad ending to Well Done Abba with a song about hunt for water - 'Pani Ko Taraste'. Written by Ashok Mishra and rendered by Krishan Beura & Raja Hasan, this number reminds one of 'Ghanan Ghanan' (Lagaan) and in the process turns out to be out rightly situational.


As expected, Well Done Abba's is entirely situational and at the same time also quite harmless. There is nothing to be hated about the songs that are created by Shantanu Moitra. However, there isn't much that can be explored from the commercial standpoint. Yes, the songs should do well for the film's narrative but not much can be said about the album's popularity amongst the listeners and hence movement at the stands.


'Sandesa Sandesa', 'Meri Banno Hoshiyar'

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