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Wedding Pullav Music Review



What catches your attention on the music credits of Wedding Pulao are the names Salim-Sulaiman. It has been a while since the composer duo was heard for a major album and though Wedding Pulao features primarily newcomers, it is a welcome sign indeed to see a wholesome soundtrack from them (and lyricist Irfan Siddiquii) who come up with as many as eight songs.


Salim-Sulaiman join the ongoing trend straight away with a party song that is filled with 'nasha', 'botal', 'pee le' and stuff alike. Of course it is a trend that would die down in a few months from now but at least for now, the musical team gets into the bandwagon with 'Party Karni Hai' where Salim Merchant and Apeksha Dandekar croon on 'daaru', beer and champagne. It is catchy, yes, but really, one needs a break!

The sound of guitar right at the beginning of 'Oh Jaaniya' makes one reasonably positive about the four minutes that would follow. Thankfully, this is what happens as one gets to hear a vintage soft melody from Salim-Sulaiman where they get everything right from composition to lyrics to the singing. In fact, Salim Merchant sings this one quite well and it is in fact a respite to hear his voice in the midst of some sub-standard singing that is unfortunately in vogue even across many biggies currently. Meanwhile, Shreya Ghoshal and Raj Pandit chip in well too and after a couple of listening, you like what you hear in 'Oh Jaaniya'.

Sunidhi Chauhan, who has become quite selective of late, goes solo for 'Naseeba'. A pensive slow moving number that fetches your attention right at the beginning, it has a good situational feel to it with the sound of 'Naseeba' staying on with you once it is heard repeatedly. One does feel that a sad song like this has arrived way too early in the album and in fact there is a reprise male version heard later as well with newcomer Sreerama Chandra coming behind the mike and actually leaving a good impression. A good composition but strictly situational.

The title song 'The Wedding Pullav' is in fact heard a little late in the day and fortunately makes an instant impression with Arijit Singh and Salim Merchant pairing up well as singers. A fun number which (thankfully) stays away from being a Punjabi 'bhangra' outing, this 'band baaja' number is delightfully sober and maintains its identity while being distinctively different. Though this isn't really the next major celebration number in the making, it should look good in the film.

There is a much belated Punjabi entry into the soundtrack though with Vipul Mehta bringing on 'Ishq Da Panga'. This one too comes from the quintessential Salim-Sulaiman space and it isn't hard to imagine that this it could well have been composed while keeping a Yash Raj outing in mind. In fact the manner in which Shalmali Kholgade this one, one is immediately reminded of Anushka Sharma in Band Baaja Baaraat, which too was a Salim-Sulaiman soundtrack. This one should find some good promotion going for it, courtesy its foot tapping appeal and instant fitment into the Bollywood stage and setting.

It is time to welcome the 'baaraat', Punjabi style, what with a bunch of women coming together right at the beginning of 'Banjaare'. However post that, a love story to shape up, what with singers Digvijay Singh and Minal Jain wondering where their truly love really resides. A situational number where one can well imagine one or both the protagonists getting married elsewhere and still trying to make their mind if it is a right decision being made, it is a quintessential pre-climax narrative in action here.

Raj Pandit, who had a part to play in 'Oh Jaaniya' as well, gets into an age old 'Lagan Lagi' mode for Wedding Pullav. Frankly, there isn't anything new or extraordinary in the offering here and one wonders if a sad song like this would actually slow down the pace of the film.


The music of Wedding Pulao starts off well and though there isn't anything exceptional in the offering here, at least there is some interest alive. However, as the soundtrack reaches its culmination, a few situational songs make the overall effort just about okay.


'Ishq Da Panga', 'Party Karni Hai', 'Oh Jaaniya', 'Naseeba - Reprise'

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