4.5 Excellent

As a die-hard movie fanatic, i must take this opportunity to thank Dharma Productions for giving us the experience of watching "Wake Up Sid".

Being honest, i went to watch the movie with expectations of just being entertained...what i had on mind was a movie which was fun, young and entertaining. Well, i was in for a pleasant surprise...Yes, the movie was fresh, young and entertaining indeed...but what came as a huge bonus was the maturity with which the subject was handled.

it turned out to be one rare experience where sensitivity and simplicity meet maturity and sensibility.

All the cheers to Mr. Mukherjee for giving it the right treatment. turning a "one line story" into an experience that every one can relate to and take home more than just a few entertaining moments...is a task well acheived by the director. Hard to believe that it was his first directorial exhibition.

Screenplay is a winner all the way...the dialogues are straight out of normal daily life. everything ranging from the attitude of today's youth, their relationship with their parents, the bodning between the friends and the development of relationship between ranbir and konkona are well-balanced.

The soundtrack is one of the bst in recent times. for once we have a soundtrack that doesn't hinder the flow of movie...rather it plays a very very important role in enhancing the impact. specially "IK TAARA" is an amazing track...touches all the right chords. SEL deserve multiple award nominations for this effort.

the movie could've turned out to be an ordinary campus fun or a melodramatic experience with overflowing emotions...but whatwe get is a very realistic view into the lives of the characters...which makes us comfortable...as there are no heroes over here...there are only fellow human beings who can be any of us or the people we know.

it was such a pleasant change to watch the on-screen pairing of Ranbir and Konkona and their relationship. For once we have an onscreen couple which are connected through minds rather than bodies.

I was not impressed by Ranbir's acting in his earlier two films...but over here...he has amazed me...such is the perfection of his portrayal...he presents the modern day youth, its confusions and its life-patterns in the most realistic manner. all cheers to him. he makes one ownder if anyone else could've played the part with such perfections.

Konkona is one of the most dependable actresses of Bollywood and she proves her worth yet again. she once again sinks into her part and enhances to graph of the movie to new heights.


Anupam Kher is in his element after a long time. Supraya Pathak is a perfect personofication of an un-educated and dedicated mother. her MAAMTAA is so so real. Rahul Khanna is wasted once again. Kashmera Shah has nothing to do. Sid's friends are PERFECT.

Overall...It is one of the best to hit the screen in last few years. it gave me the same feeling which i had while watching "Dil Chahta Hey" and "Kal Ho Na HO". Not to be missed at all