2.5 Good

well..wake up sid in 1 word is a lil disappointing..it carried a ton of hopes but didnt deliver as expexted..itz a 1 time watch only..first half acc to me is very gud but d second isnt cz of its length..it is streched 2 much..at one point later in the second half u literally seem to say 'cummon ayan(director)..end it now'..and also d second half is predictable with all that we know happens..ranbir gets a job n falls in luv wid konkana..cummon somethin diff kud have been better..!! n 1 more thing..d film has a big resemblence 2 lakshya and it is a fact..!!
but still few scenes stand out n r remarkable..mainly in d first half..!!
ranbir is a talent 2 luk out for..he is remarkable as sid..n same is for konkana who is vei natural..!!
all in all..WUS could have been much better but still deserves a watch..!!