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Vishwaroop Music Review



Vishwaroop is in news, and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. While one still waits to find out what really is the story that is causing all the mayhem, surprising the music is being kept out of circulation. One can attribute this to the fact that as a film, this isn't quite a musical in the offering. Still, with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy being roped in as the composer trio and Javed Akhtar as the lyricist, one would have expected better pitching of the music.


As it turns out, the music isn't a pushover at all as the title song 'Vishwaroop' begins in a manner as ferocious as it can get. There is a definite force that the song arrives with and Suraj Jagan does well in bringing to fore its true essence. Of course the overall style and the lyrics are the kind that goes with the South mode of introducing superheroes. This also means that while pan-India audience for the song is ruled out, it should aid the visuals in a major way, especially if one gets to evidence that in the 'remix version' as well.

There is a hint of title song from Don which kick-starts 'Jung Hai'. A quintessential Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy club number, this one has Benny Dayal beginning the proceedings in his English rendition. A kind of number that is basically targeted at gaining an international feel to the film's setting, it has Shankar Mahadevan joining at just the right time and adding an extra zing with his vocals. Overall though the song stays on to be strictly situational and has its stay restricted to the film's narrative.

Same is the case with the classical 'Main Radha Tu Shaam'. Rendered by Kamal Haasan who is actually quite good in the way he goes about setting the prelude, the song has Shankar Mahadevan arriving on the scene soon enough to complete the scenario. With Hamsika Iyer and Sharmishtha Roy as the additional vocalists, this one is quite different from the songs preceding it due to its out and out Indian feel and arrangements.

The song which arrives last is actually the best of the lot as 'Koi Kahin' brings the pensive mood and feel of the situation in the film quiet well. A kind of number that is driven in a major way via its lyrics, 'Koi Kahin' narrates the tale around how hatred and suspicion is driving all the more miserly in the world. In fact this number, which has Hindi as well as the English portions, could well be a reflection of the situation that Kamal Haasan is facing in real life today. As a singer too, he does well along with Nikhil D'Souza.


As it turns out, Vishwaroop turns out to be primarily a theme album with the songs catering to the situations in the film. Though one can't expect any major sales to be lifting its fortunes musically, as a part of the film's narrative they should turn out to be good enablers.


Koi Nahin, Vishwaroop - Remix

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