4 Very Good

Vicky Donor

a brilliant movie made on a sensitive issue like sperm donation.how a comman man first against of sperm donation does it just for the sake of money and then he starts enjoying it and then makes it as his source of income.his family is happy which consists his widow mother and his granny.then a girl comes in his life.they start loving each other.but when she and both the families come to know what happens next is the story of Vicky Donor.will he continue donating sperms?will his family and love accept him forgiving him for what he did in past which his loved one's consider it a mistake?watch Vicky Donor for it's brilliant handling of the subject and not making fun of it.Aayushman,Yaami both the newcomers have done a fantastic job.they are so natural and convincing you can connect yourself to them.all the other characters like Aayushman's family Yaami's family and Anu Kapoor have done an outstanding job.direction is very good.songs which come and go are also good to hear.overall a very good film just to entertain with a nice issue.highly recommended.