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Honestly, since absolutely nothing is known about the film Uvaa, one doesn't carry any expectations either. Moreover, most of the composers (Rashid Khan, Hanif Shaikh, Palash Muchhal, Praveen and Manoj) and lyricists (Bhupendra Singh, Shiv and Hanif Shaikh) are new to the world of films, hence one just hopes that there is some surprise or two in store.


Well, there is a surprise indeed in store with the very first number, 'Ishq Fobiya'. A well composed romantic number that has melody as its core driving theme, 'Ishq Fobiya' has a beautiful start. However, what really takes the cake is the 'antara' which boasts of some wonderful lyrics as well. The song appears twice, first as a solo outing by Mohammed Irfan and then as a duet that also features Palak Muchhal and Bhanu Pratap.

Jasraj Joshi sings 'Jiyo Lalla' which is a fun track set in the campus environment. The song does have rough edges at places but still has a catchy theme to it that helps it sail smooth. In fact it is the picturisation of the song which adds on to the fun factor as well and though it is nowhere close to being extraordinary, for a film about which not much was known from credentials perspective, it still decent enough.

The real downer comes in the form of 'Vande Mataram' which is as preachy as it can get. Though the song is set as an anthem around women empowerment, it has not much going in its favor, right from the composition to the lyrics to even singing (Siddharth Mahadevan, Sujata Majumdar, Hanif Shaikh, Poonam Pandey). One waits to see how it appears in the film though because audio wise, it just doesn't work.

Thankfully, the finale is decent enough with the party song 'Natani' managing to bring some kind of excitement in the soundtrack. Though one doesn't quite remember the core tune even after listening to it a few times, it still is not a bad hear while it is being played. Newcomers Shiv Singh & Amit Mishra along with Sujata Majumdar and Poonam Pandey sing this one.


Play it on for 'Ishq Fobiya', especially the duet version.


'Ishq Fobiya'

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