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In the 80s when Mithun Da and Bhappi Lahiri ruled, a genre of movie making was invented and was proudly heralded by the pseudo-intellectuals as parallel cinema/art-movies. Poor folks like me, who too, albeit hesitatingly, had some claim to intellect, soon called its bluff and mocked it by saying that movies, which even whose makers do not understand are called "art-movies". Till day before yesterday, I was living under the happy impression that such a race of movie makers was long extinct and then I watched Udaan. The blurb announced the accolades it has recieved at numerous film festivals. But poor "dumb" folks like yours truly have to spoil the festivities by announcing that the Emperor is naked, while all and sundry praise the Emperor's New Clothes lest they are labelled as hoi polloi. I really do not understand the movie. There is something called momentum and script - which I think were cruelly absent in the movie. Highly avoidable. This Udaan is surely crash landing into my "koodadaan".