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U R My Jaan Music Review



One doesn't have absolutely any idea around where did this film come from. On closer look you realise that U R My Jaan marks the arrival of Aron Govil (not to be confused with Arun Govil) as a director. He had earlier made his debut as a producer with Shoot On Sight and this time around he also repeats his film's lead actor Mikaal Zulfikaar in U R My Jaan. Since there is hardly any awareness around the film and composers Sanjeev- Darshantoo are returning after a hiatus (albeit with still-happening lyricist Sameer), one is unsure about what to expect from the music here.


U R My Jaan begins with a 90s style melody 'Kya Kare Dil Bechara' which was pretty much in vogue back then. Though sounding a little outdated in today's time, the song still manages to hold on with Shaan doing rather well in his high pitched rendition, something that he doesn't do often. Reminding one of a similar song, 'Do Baatein Ho Sakti Hai' [Imtihaan] though not quite promising popularity on the same scale, 'Kya Kare Dil Bechara' marks a decent beginning to the album.

Sanjeev decides to come behind the mike himself with the title song 'U R My Jaan' which is an easy pick from Nadeem-Shravan's backyard. In fact the way Sanjeev goes about singing this track, it is apparent that he is attempting to bring back the kind of singing style that Kumar Sanu used to indulge in right through the 90s. For those who still miss such melodies from the era gone by, this one is not really a bad bargain and actually ends up bringing a smile on one's face. Shilpa Rao is roped in for a supporting part and she does well too.

Next to arrive is a solo song by Roop Kumar Rathod, 'Mera Maula Kare'. A soft song which has quality feel to it while being set in a Sufi mode, this love song has a good breeze to it and sails through smoothly. Though it isn't quite elaborate in it's arrangements, 'Mera Maula Kare' is still decent enough to hold your attention. Eventually it turns out to be a quintessential Bollywood number that doesn't break any grounds but isn't harmful either.

U R My Jaan sees a shift in mood with a peppy number following next in the form of 'Mein Zamein Pe Hoon'. A song about a girl who is finding herself quite happy in life after having found love, this Shreya Ghosal solo is again old fashioned in it's style and treatment but is still safe enough to ensure that for a viewer, it doesn't allow any boredom to set in. What bores though is 'Bin Tere We Mahi' which is a typical 'dard-e-judaai' song that belongs to fast-forward mode. Richa Sharma and Master Salim are roped in for this sad track that has been heard before in dozens and only makes you move quickly to the last song in the album.

Thankfully the album ends on a decent note with 'Chand Wahi Hai', a romantic duet by Shreya Ghosal and Javed Ali where both sing with their heart in. Reminding one of many such similar numbers that Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik had sung around a decade ago, 'Chand Wahi Hai' is a love song that falls in the 'Bollywood romantic songs' template. Yet another number that belongs to the old school of music making, it ensures that more or less a consistent mood is maintained right through the album.


Though it would be too much to expect from U R My Jaan to start making its presence felt at the stands especially when the film is releasing this weekend itself, Sanjeev-Darshan along with Sameer ensure that at least those who have been brought up on the music of 90s would have something to feel nostalgic about.


U R My Jaan, Chand Wahi Hai

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