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Thoda Tum Badlo Thoda Hum Movie Review

Thoda Tum Badlo Thoda Hum Movie Rating

Ushakiron Movies? THODA TUM BADLO THODA HUM is a love story. Anything novel about it? Read on? A boy and a girl, who have grown up together, cannot see eye to eye with each other. But when they separate, they realize their love for each other and of course, unite in the end.

Doesn?t it remind you of the umpteen love stories that have been witnessed over the years? Well, THODA TUM BADLO THODA HUM follows the same predictable path.

Neighbours Raju [Arya Babbar] and Rani [Shriya Saran] study in same college. But, surprisingly, they can?t stand each other. Rani constantly complains about Raju to his father, who in turn thinks that his son is a good-for-nothing guy. Raju?s father and Rani?s father happen to be good friends.

Meanwhile, Rani?s father gets transferred to Kodaikanal. And after a series of incidents, all predictable ones, Raju and Rani realize they love each other.

THODA TUM BADLO THODA HUM is predictable from the word go. The story focuses on the same-old lovers? tiffs, with a good number of songs thrown in. The first half has a few interesting moments and despite a predictable storyline, director Esmayeel Shroff manages to keep your interest in the goings-on alive.

But the post-interval portions of the film are a complete downer. The story actually stagnates in this half and the viewer impatiently waits for the love story to culminate. In fact, the climax is the weakest link of the film.

Director Esmayeel Shroff tries hard to make the youth-oriented film appealing, but the oft-repeated plot spoils the show. Music [Amar Mohile] is strictly okay, although the songs have been filmed well.

Arya Babbar carries off his part well. He seems to be taking a step forward with every film. Shriya Saran is a fine actress and leaves a strong impression. Ashok Saraf, Nishigandha Wad and Shoma Anand support well.

On the whole, THODA TUM BADLO THODA HUM is an ordinary fare. However, lack of promotion and face-value will make the film go unnoticed.

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