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The Stoneman Murders

This movie is not good what i want.The story of The Stoneman Murders takes us back to the year 1983 where Mumbai shivered in the chilling deaths of sleeping pavements dwellers and beggars who were killed by a huge stone. These deaths often happened on Tuesdays and Saturdays and between 1 am to 3 pm, between the streets of Sion and Matunga. The huge stone would be left behind after every serial killing as the killer’s signature mark of death. But the irony is that these killings which happened all of a sudden, disappeared quickly as well. So was the case really solved? Was there a cover-up involved? And how did these murders resurface in Calcutta years later? You will get the possible answers to these questions in The Stoneman Murders.

Kay Kay Menon plays Sanjay Shelaar, a hot tempered policeman who flies off the handle when it comes to treating criminals. He does not get along with Kedaar(Arbaaz Khan) another policeman. One such third-degree treatment given by Kay Kay to a criminal result in his death, and Kay Kay is suspended. The incomplete ‘Stoneman murders’ or the ‘patthar-maar’ case is given to Kedaar. However Satam(Vikram Gokhale) unofficially lets Sanjay continue with his investigation in order to save his job. It is now up to Kay Kay to crack the case in his own way, without the police having a whiff of his investigation.
That's the story about.This is a flop movie.