2 Average


Goissue ! Was that even a movie?? :( My girl insisted me to watch this in place of ugly! I shouldn't have listened her and could have not wasted my money! I thought it will be a political action comedy film... But it's Ishaqzaade all over again without the Charming Parineeti Chopra and a goon chasing them rather then their parents! Cinematography is good.. But all you will see is Taj Mahal in every scene! Sonakshi Sinha has no other work then playing Damsel in distress Or meaningless roles so this time also it's not different, Arjun's Performance is mediocre and repetitive and no need to mention Manoj Bajpayee, He is good as always! There are few scenes which makes you laugh but rest is disaster! Songs are also not ear pleaser so there is not even a single reason to watch this film... I don't go out of theater before movie finishes but today I really wanted to!! Better You miss this film and don't even watch later on TV... It's just waste, utter waste!!!