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Tere Mere Phere Music Review



One doesn't quite play on Tere Mere Phere with many expectations. Reason being that the film isn't quite arriving with much fanfare and despite names

like Vinay Pathak and Ketan Mehta associated with the project, overall hype isn't the kind that would have made one stand up and notice what is in the

offing. Moreover the music too is composed by a first timer Shivangi Kashyap (not to be mixed up with Shivani Kashyap) and since Tere Mere Phere

hasn't been promoted as a musical, apprehensions only rise further.


Album begins with 'Hey Dude I Don't Like Shaadi' which opens with the 'remix' sound of Tere Mere Phere (full fledged title song comes

later) and has Rishi Singh singing in a style which was earlier associated with the likes of Bali Brahmabhatt (remember him?). The song doesn't quite flow in

any particular direction as Shivangi Kashyap chips in a little while later with her English rendition and gets into a pop mode. Both singers are also the

co-writers of this song which seems to be composed for the title sequence and lasts a mere two minutes without making much of an impression.

Next to arrive is 'Bum Bhole' which instantly makes one hunt for Kailash Kher who has sung a track on similar lines a few years back. However

the man behind the mike this time around is Sukhwinder Singh who tries to bring in all the energy that is associated with him. However overall the song just

about follows the set pattern when it comes to songs of this genre. Written by Manoj Muntashir with Shivangi Kashyap chipping in with Himachali bits, 'Bum

Bhole' is situational and doesn't quite end up exciting one much.

When it is a Hindi film, a song with Punjabi flavour is more or less a must regardless of its setting. This is pretty much apparent with Manoj Muntashir

written 'Ishq Khumari' where Shivangi Kashyap is a co-lyricist yet again for the Punjabi part. Sung with aplomb by Baba Sehgal, one of the

major outcomes of the song is to remind listener of this singer who sounds just the same as he did a decade and a half back. It is surprising that Baba

Sehgal isn't singing much today when there is a growing market for Punjabi singers' film after film. Coming back to the song, Shivangi Kashyap too comes

behind the mike and does a good job.

With its first truly enjoyable number 'Ishq Khumari' bringing some life back, the album moves on to the title song 'Tere Mere Phere'.

One can see a good influence of Sandesh Shandilya in this love song which has melody at its core with a Western styling to it that makes it a pleasant

hearing. The song also marks the arrival of Ketan Mehta as the lyricist with Shivangi Kashyap and Subhash Pradhan pairing up to create a lovey-dovey


There is further surprise in store with Anup Jalota leaving his 'bhajan' mode behind and getting into a much more contemporary avtar by singing 'Tere

Bina' which is quintessentially Bollywood. Not that the song is great shakes by any means, all that this Manoj Muntashir written number ends up doing

is reminding a listener of 'Tera Intezaar' [Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! ] which had similar arrangements and pace. The man who composed the song

then? Sandesh Shandilya again!


Tere Mere Phere is an okay album with a song or two managing to catch your attention. Given the fact that the film is seeing controlled promotion and

is arriving amidst a heap of other films, it would be a tough journey ahead for the music too to make its presence felt.


Ishq Khumari, Tere Mere Phere

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