3 Good

Tere Bin Laden : Dead or Alive doesn't live up to the jolly first part, but is a delight to watch!

A U.S. agent hires a budding Bollywood filmmaker to shoot fake footage that proves the death of Osama bin Laden. But on the other hand, terrorists hijack the process, demanding the film to prove Osama is alive.

Manish Paul as Sharma is wonderful. He might go on establishing a career in the film industry.

Pradhuman Singh as Paddi Singh is hilarious and sometimes you can't stop giggling because you don't expect one of the world's dangerous terrorist to have a funny personality.

Sikandar Kher as David Chaddha has done terrific acting and might make an epic comeback in the film industry with Tere Bin Laden.

Iman Crosson will blow your mind as he impersonates President Barack Obama

And watch out for a hilarious cameo by Ali Zafar, star of the first film of the series

The only drawback is that sometimes the jokes go repetitive and slowly become annoying. Also funny scenes are limited in second half. But overall, a thumbs up for Tere Bin Laden : Dead Or Alive