1.5 Average

Tees Maar Khan

Remember all the con movies of the 70s? The ones with all the car chases and the con on a bike? Tees Maar Khan is a film that revisits those times in a more, (lets put it this way) LOUD, RIDICULOUS manner.

We all know that Tees Maar Khan is meant to be funny and all. But, unfortunately, the humor EXISTS in the film SOLELY because of Akshay Kumar and NOTHING ELSE.

Final Word? Tees Maar Khan lacks story, good direction and editing which are the essentials of a good film. The only visible asset of this film is the protagonist, Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar leads the packs as usual. He is the soul, the life of the film. Tees Maar Khan would have been RUINED without this guy. He is loud, comical but handles the emotional scenes with equal ease. Kudos.

Which reminds me, this film has another lifeline too, thankfully. Yes, Katrina Kaif is another lifeline. Not her acting this time though, its SHEILA KI JAWANI that convinces you to NOT go for a re-fund.

Raghu-Rajiv are alright. Akshaye Khanna and Arya Babbar are irritating. Akshay Kumars three mates play their parts well.

Vishal-Shekhar have composed commendable music for the film. The theme song and Sheila Ki Jawani are topping the charts already. Wallah-Re-Wallah will hopefully come to peoples notice after the masses see it on the big screen. Other tracks shall follow.

Well, my final word, go for the movie ONLY if you want to watch a wet, sexy Katrina Kaif on a 70 mm screen or if you want to get a headache.