2 Average

Tees Maar Khan

o.k..so to put it bluntly..tees maar khan has a score that works in bits and parts only..considering farah khans earlier works had fabulous music sore..sonu nigam achieves a feat of sorts mimicing different voices in a spunky and whacky but insanely infectious title track which will have your feet tapping.sunidhi chauhan is all too blow hot-blow cold in the sexy swirling sheila ki jawani which is sexy chic redifined..clealrly the albums show stopper ditty.wallah re wallah in a disco-quawali which wallops on but just passes muster..the remaining two songs badey dilwala and happy ending are marginally better..the songs are quite situational and it can be granted that the songs are gonna look awesome going by the promos and stills in film magazines. the remixes here are just space fillers.vishal shekhar are just about ok..considering their earlier works this year..i hate luv storys and anjaani anjaani were truly awesome and even the placis break ke baad had its groovy moments..